Our mission is to develop the children’s ability to communicate effectively with as many young people in the world as possible by teaching them several foreign languages, thereby stimulating and raising the country’s cultural level and creating opportunities for the new generation.

Benefits in working with Native class

Each teacher will get a signed contract from us to work in kindergartens, state and public schools. All contracts will have fixed terms of employment. We take upon ourselves full responsibilities for our teachers from their first day in Moscow. We provide:

Induction courses

Full work visa support and state registration

Work shops and seminars at the main office

Medical insurance


Teachers should be ready to work in alignment with Russian colleagues, they should be open to their recommendations and be willing to improve teaching skills, they should take an active part in the school’s life by attending other lessons, school events, demonstrating lessons to parents

TEFL or CELTA certificates TEFL or CELTA (TESOL, CELTYL, ICELT, DELTA) certificates / IBTC (International Baccalaureate Teacher Certificate)

Commitment to come to Russia to teach for 9,5 months from the end of August to the beginning of June

Native English speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

Two recommendation letters

University degree (BA, BS)

Not less than 2 years experience in working with children or adults as an ESL teacher

Personal features: positive, energetic, active, creative, communicative, punctual, responsible, curious.


General English Teacher (age 6-17 years)

To send a resume

Kindergarten teacher (age 4-7 years)

Additional requirements: preferably but not necessary knowledge of JOLLY PHONICS.

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Math/Physics Teacher (middle and high school)

An additional course to general English. Requirements: higher education tech or economy; experience in teaching math/physics; experience in practical application of textbook materials.

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Science Teacher (middle and high school)

An additional course to general English. Requirements: higher education in science (BS), experience in teaching science, chemistry, biology, physics; experience in practical application of textbook materials.

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Our teachers

“Moscow is one of the most exciting, vibrant cities in the world and Native Class is a great place to work! I’m in my third year in Moscow with NC and I plan to stay for years to come. We have students of all ages and ability levels. Every day is different and each group or individual student unique! The office staff is very helpful with expatriate teacher needs, such as finding places to live and accessing medical care. Not only is the work rewarding, but the culture, the food, the travel opportunities, the night life and the availability of things to do here can’t be beat! Come and find out for yourself!”

Ben Morris, senior teacher (USA) , 2010-2014

“Hi I’m Mark! I can proudly say Native Class is one of the finest EFL schools in Moscow! I’ve loved working for the school over past four years, mainly thanks to its team of absolutely dedicated professionals. There is also nothing more satisfying than seeing our students achieve their language learning goals! A few words on Moscow … It may be a difficult city to get accustomed to for an, “Anglichanin” like me, but thanks to meeting some of the most wonderful people on the planet here – life can indeed be beautiful!”

Mark Mclough, teacher (UK), 2010-2014

“I have been working with Native Class for two years and I’m really looking forward to the third year. Over the past two years, I have grown as a teacher and also as a person. I owe this to the help and encouragement given to me by all my colleagues at Native Class. I really like teaching as I find it fulfilling to see my students progress and become more proficient in the English language. I enjoy getting to know the students as it helps me identify the appropriate teaching style that brings out the best in them. Native Class as a company is very supportive and the education programme is designed to be fun and engaging for both student and teacher.”

Jason Giggens, teacher (UK), 2010-2015

I have enjoyed my first year working for Native Class. The coordinator at school 1534, Olga Mikhailovna, has been extremely supportive. She provided good advice on lesson content and on any concerns I have had about individual children. She has developed strong relationships with the children’s parents by email and telephone and this has helped us to adjust the course to meet the requirements of individual children. I also received very helpful support from Irina at Native Class, particularly in the first three months when I was still adapting to work at a new school. The excursion for teachers to Kolomenskiy park was well organized and good fun.

Jenny Chambers, teacher (UK), 2014 till present

“Living in Moscow is an unique experience, this city has always something to show you, and Native Class is the ideal place to work in while you are living here! Its staff is always up to assist you and answer all your questions not only about work, but what to do in the city, culture, nightlife, etc. I’m definitely considering to go back to Moscow for the next school season and would be my pleasure to work again with them. As an expatriate teacher I just can say there´s no best place to work in Moscow“

Lois Antonio Lopez, teacher (Mexico), 2014-2015

Our time in Russia was a wonderful time. The work we did with Native Class was challenging, yet, fulfilling and efficient. The schools where we were placed in were helpful, creative and open minded to new ways of teaching English. We had some setbacks, but Native Class was always there to help and encourage us in our Russian adventure and its challenges. The colleges we had when working for the company were amazing, each and every one of them there when you needed them. They are truly wonderful people that will have our respect and love for the rest of our lives. Our time at Native Class was one of the most blessed times in our life. Kristen and I were able to pay for our wedding and begin our life together; this I feel will always be in part because Native Class gave us this opportunity. We will always remember Native Class and feel part of its big expanding family.

Marcel Joubert, teacher (South Africa), 2014-2015

Thank you so much for a fantastic few months and all the patience and help. It has really been one of the most difficult times of my lives, but certainly one of the best. You guys are soooo professional, but have no lack in personality! You people are great. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope we see each other again in the future. Was a pleasure working with you and the company! So… Goodbye and all the best for your work ahead!

Kristen Joubert, teacher (South Africa), 2014-2015

Our lessons

Terms and conditions of employment

The teacher’s objective is to develop speaking of children and adults based on the communicative method.

Working hours

  • Full-time 5-days working week (days off – Sunday + some other day)
  • Teaching hours could be between – 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.
  • Number of academic hours per month: 120 – at the school/with adults, 160 – at the kindergarten
  • Number of working hours per day: 6 hours at the school/with adults, 8 hours at the kindergarten
  • 1 academic hour at the school = 45 minutes
  • 1 academic hour at the kindergarten = 25 minutes
  • 1 academic hour with adults = 60 minutes

Terms of payment

Competitive salary rate (to be discussed at the interview with consideration of teaching qualifications and work experience)

Monthly salary consists of a fixed sum and bonus for performance (KPI)

Salary is paid twice a month – advance payment by the 25th day of the current month and salary payment by the 10th day of the following month.

For each additional* academic hour the Employee is paid a fix sum:

  • Extra lesson (25 minutes) in Kindergarten
  • Extra lesson (45 minutes) in School / with adults (60 minutes)

Documents required to apply for a visa:

  • Signed contract
  • Medical certificate
  • HIV test
  • Police check
  • Psychological health check
  • Drug test
Please note that before the first salary teachers will have to pay for the following:
  • Visa fee
  • Round-trip air ticket
  • Apartment rent

Come and join our team!

Native Class welcomes you

Please, send us your resume and cover letter to


Application process

After receiving all the required documents, the applicant will be invited to have a Skype interview with an employee of Native Class representative or a live interview at our office. Then there will be an interview with the school’s or client’s representative.

Office 316, Gamsonovsky per., bld.1, str.2, Moscow, Russia, Phone +7 495 781 54 76